In today’s modern world, information data comes from all sources, whether domestically or internationally. Information is the basis for all knowledge; and possessing such knowledge is one of the main components for mission successful.........

Enable to share such knowledge with key decision makers, a major part of our day-to-day work has been constantly converting information from one language to another... or in other word, translating data into useful information that becomes knowledge.

Pinnacle Forces Corp. is a domestically recognized government consulting firm and defense contractor. When under request, Pinnacle Forces also acts as government procurement agent. We are one of few companies in Taiwan licensed by the government as authorized arms and munitions supplier.

Pinnacle Forces specializes in

risk assessments

crisis management

counter-terrorism measure

emergency response planning and training

Pinnacle Forces has earned a reputation for high professional standards for project management. Our expeditious methodologies are innovative, adaptable, and state-of the-art. Our focus is to develop solutions by transforming raw data into useful information and knowledge for both government and public companies. Our major clients currently include various branches and agencies throughout the Government of the Taiwan (ROC) and select publicly listed corporation and privately held companies.


① Managing and ensuring the effectiveness of the designated task. Providing mission-based Full SystemIntegration solutions requiring multi-lingual capabilities.

② Operations planning and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) designing by developing methodologies that combined with latest technology.

③ Developing and delivering advanced emergency management and personnel protection information.

④ Specialized in broad range of educational courses and assist government agencies in developing and defining training needs, priorities and standards.

⑤ Specialized in major military and law enforcement procurements projects with foreign suppliers.

⑥ Certified armorer for LWRCi and Barrett Rifles with training with silencer installation and usage. Experienced at maintenance of REPR. 20 and M107A1 rifles.



ROC Army Airborne, ASSC 2007 9mm Pistols w/ sound suppressors
ROC Army Airborne, ASSC 2007 5.56mm M4 Assault Rifles
ROC Army Airborne, ASSC 2007 12-Ga. Tactical Shotguns
ROC Army Airborne, ASSC 2007 Various Ammunitions, total 500,000 Rds.

National Police Agency 2007 9mm pistols w/sound suppressor, and LAM
ROC Army 862nd SOG 2008 Surveillance Equipment
ROC Army 862nd SOG 2008 EOD/Surveillance Unmanned Vehicles

ROC Marine Corps, AAP 2008 Various Electro-Optical Systems and NVGs

ROC Army 2008/09 12-Ga. Tactical Shotgun
ROC Army 2008/09 40mm Multi-Grenade Launchers & Munitions
ROC Army 2008/09 7.62mm Sniper Weapons Program
ROC Army 2011/12 7.62mm Sniper Weapons Program
New Taipei PD, Special Police Crops 2014 MP5 Laser Ligh
National Security Bureau 2015 Anti-Sniper Equipment
ROC Military Police Command 2017/07 12.7mm Sniper Rifle and Accessories
NPA Special Police First Headquarter 2017/12 Electronic Noise Canceling Headphones
NPA Special Police First Headquarter 2018/4 Steiner Dual Function Laser aiming device
MND Army Aviation & SF Command 2018/4 M107A1 Maintenance
MND Army Aviation & SF Command 2018/7 REPR 20 maintenance
NPA Special Police First Headquarter 2019/9 Steiner Dual Function Laser aiming device>
ROC Military Police Command 2019/11 12.7mm Sniper Rifle w/NV scope & M4 rifle grenade launcher
MND Army Aviation & SF Command 2019/10 M107A1 Maintenance
MND Army Aviation & SF Command 2019/9 REPR 20 maintenance
MND Army Aviation & SF Command 2020/11 M107A1 Maintenance
MND Army Aviation & SF Command 2020/11 REPR 20 maintenance
OAC Coast Guard Investigation Branch 2020/12 Dual Laser aiming device


ROC Air Force – Logistic & Support
Command ROC Army
ROC Army, Airborne Special Operations Command
ROC Army, Airborne Special Services Commando Units

ROC Army, 862nd Special Operations Command
ROC Marine Corps
ROC Marine Corps - Amphibious Assault Patrol Units ROC MND Logistic & Support Command
ROC Military Police Command, Special Duties Unit / EOD Team Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Justice.
National Police Agency, Ministry of Interior
NPA Special Police First Headquarter, SDU and National
SWAT Taipei County Police Department
Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) TCPD, Criminal Investigation Bureau – SWAT
Taoyuan City Police
Department Taichung City
Police Department


Hong Kong Police
Force – SDU
Malaysian Army
Korea – Emergency Response Services
Singapore Defense Science& Technology Agency (DSTA) Singapore Army
Singapore Police Force


LWRC International, LLC (USA)
  • Firearms / Parts (Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles)
Vortex Optics (USA)(Pinnacle Forces is a Vortex Optics Agent for Asia Region)
  • Rifle Scopes,
  • Aiming Modules,
  • Monocular/Binocular, and Spotting Scopes.
Leupold & Stevens (USA)
  • Rifle Scopes,
  • Aiming Modules
  • Monocular/Binocular, and Spotting Scopes.
NVLS (NightVision Lasers Spain)
  • Night vision: binocular/monocular, weapon sight, pilot goggles
  • Thermal: monocular, binocular, and weapon sights
  • Digital day/night: hand held and mounted systems
  • Laser Range Finder
FAB Defense (Israel)
  • Pistol Conversion Kit,
  • Pistol/Rifle Accessories,
  • Rails, Bidpods, magazines, holsters, and etc…
Trijicon (USA)
Products: Magnified Optics/ Reflex Sights
3M Peltor (Sweden)
Products: Tactical hearing protection
Steiner eOptics
  • Laser Devices
  • Battle Lights
  • Beacons