Product Features
⌾ Weight  130gr
⌾ Width    33mm
⌾ Height   127mm
⌾ Length   83mm

Product Features:
⌾ MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite with muti-textured rubber overmold superior coating.
⌾ Three different overmold rubber textures; rib studded at palm, alligator pattern for front fingers and moon surface textured sides.
⌾ Multi texture rubber provides superior ventilation, prevents slip and reduces sweaty palms.
⌾ Finger grooves and backstrap shape for enhanced, more comfortable grip.
⌾ Extended beavertail for better control, allowing a higher firmer hold.
⌾ Readily accessible storage area with securely sealed hinged door.
⌾ Available in black, olive drab green or flat dark earth.

M-16 / SR-25 /  AR-10 / AR-15 Variants

AGR-43 Tactical Ergonomic Pistol Grip

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